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Hoi! My name is Tanja, I'm a true cat lover and originally I come from Germany. It's been almost 4.5 years now that Iā€™m living in the Netherlands, so please feel free to write me in Dutch as I understand it very well (or in German or in English, whatever you like!).

I'm working as a freelance translator which gives me quite some freedom as I'm not bound to a certain place and can work from anywhere ā€“ this means also from your place which again means a lot of attention for your pets. :-) Also I'm doing voluntary work in the Netherlands in the field of personal development together with a team (mostly on weekends only).

I'm a calm, grounded, and humorous person and I'm a real cat lover. I grew up with cats and I'm always happy when there are cats around. Cats tend to trust me very easily, I've got lovely stories to tell. Unfortunately my lifestyle doesn't allow me to have any pets myself. So taking care for your pets (and house and garden of course) while you're enjoying your holiday seems to be a great opportunity.

I'm happy when I can make it easier for you to go on vacation while you know that your house and pets are well cared for. So you can enjoy your holidays, I can enjoy the company of your pets, and they can enjoy my company and care. WIN-WIN-WIN situation for all parties involved: Your pets happy ā€“ YOU happy ā€“ ME happy.

Concerning timing I'm very flexible. Actually it's all a question of our agreements.

I'm looking forward to hearing from you!

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